contour hinge™ biposto™ tenor

introducting revolutionary ABS™

articulating back support™
the revolutionary abs™ is an ergonomic cornerstone of the posto carrier design, promoting correct spinal posture, the ABS helps to correctly distribute weight and energy ensuring both comfort and safety

no j-rods. period.
complete freedom of movement. the monoposto/biposto bridge transfers all the sheer and torque load only to the tubes and away from the abdomen plate, improving rigidity and stability to the instrument.

6 point comfort zone™
MAY patented technologies combine in several ways to provide superior ergonomic fit

drop and lock technology
integrates with MAY Stadium Hardware™ for instant mount and dismount from carrier to stand

advanced transport
all MAY Monoposto & Biposto carriers can fold to about half their original size for easy transportation

polycarbonate abdomen plate
this ultra light material is incredibly strong and equally durable while the design is virtually free floating; it bears no weight from the drum

fully adjustable tenor rail
tenor rail with drop and lock mounting technology included with tenor carrier

MAY-Yamaha product brochure PDF
Randall May International / Yamaha Product Prochure
exploded parts view monoposto tenor
MAY-Yamaha PDF
Randall May International Product Prochure
MAY-Mapex product brochure PDF
Randall May International / Yamaha Product Brochure
abs-articulating back support™ fit instructions PDF
Randall May International / Yamaha Product Prochure