May Internal Miking System

MAY monorail miking system

Capture your sound from inside the drum; the origin of it's distinct tone. The MAY patented internal miking system provides maximum presence and isolation from ambience.

dw drums anniversary set
DW Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Limited Exotic Kit including the MAY Monorail shock-mounted internal microphone system with custom silver Audix D6 bass drum microphone.

the ultimage sweet spot
JR Robinson upgraded his kick with the very latest internal shock mount microphone technology available today. Now, he can infinitely adjust his microphone position from resonant to batter head and find the ultimate "sweet spot" for recording and live situations. It’s all thanks to the patented Monorail Microphone System by Randall May International. And the Monorail is compatible with today's most respected bass drum microphone brands. Have one factory-install at the DW Custom Shop or install the aftermarket version yourself. Revolutionize your bass drum today.