IN/EX Blend Module - microphone preamplifier

in/ex blend module

The all-new MAY IN/EX blend module is a two input, one output, high headroom, Class A microphone preamplifier designed by award-winning manufacturer PreSonus Audio. Blend any internal MAY microphone with any external microphone within the snare drum allowing the player to possess complete control of their sound. Patented.

The module is designed to mix two snare microphones (one MAY internal and any external) together into one channel to achieve the ultimate snare tone for live performance and recording applications. The high-quality Class A preamps are designed to handle high SPLs delivering an open and tonally rich snare sound.

Features include microphone input gain on each channel, 48V phantom power on one input, mix control (blend), phase inversion, main output, headphone output and fast-acting analog VU meter. It's an exciting new tool to help drummers combine the best tonal characteristics of both internal and external miking.

Internal/external Microphone Mixer
Fast-Acting Analog VU Meter
Preamp + 48V Phantom Power
Dual- Channel Microphone
Gain Mix Control Phase Inversion

in/ex blend module brochure PDF
Randall May International IN/EX Blend Module Product Brochure
in/ex blend module VIDEO
Randall May International - IN/EX Blend Module - Video
in/ex blend module in the studio VIDEO
Randall May International - IN/EX Blend Module In The Studio - Video