AIRlift stadium hardware™ for bass

AIRlift technology
integrated with a patented innovative air suspension system, the telescoping tube glides up and down effortlessly ensuring easy, instant set up and positioning of your instrument. 54”-74” height adjustment range

ATS™ advanced tripod technology
a single leg can adjust independently of the other two legs to ensure stable support of the instrument whether on the field or in the bleachers

cradle your drum
four arms distribute the weight of the bass drum evenly thus supporting any size bass drum

environment adaptability
height adjustable to maintain proper playing technique and accommodate all players regardless of the stand's environment

ease of mobility
folding lightweight aluminum tubular structure allows for ease of transportation

lightweight durability
tempered aircraft aluminum alloy embodiment for an ideally lightweight result without sacrificing strength

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Randall May International / Yamaha Product Prochure

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